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Choose your country or region to start Tour

Hands-On Tour is VR vehicle configuration platform enabling you to explore actual Kia models in your country or region.

Choose your country or region to start Tour.


* More countries and regions are planned to be included.

  • oman3 - cerato
  • oman4 - niro
  • oman1 - stinger
  • oman2 - sorento
  • canarias1 - ceed
  • canarias2 - sportage
  • panama1 - picanto
  • panama2 - rio silver
  • panama3 - Cerato(Clear White)
  • panama4 - Sportage(Clear White)
  • colombia1 - niro
  • colombia2 - picanto
  • colombia3 - rio
  • colombia4 - sportage
  • chile1 - morning GT LINE
  • chile2 - Spotage GT LINE
  • usa1 - stinger
  • usa2 - rio red
  • usa3 - rio silver
  • usa4 - soul
  • italy1 - cee'd
  • italy2 - cee'd_sw
  • india1 - seltos
  • india2 - stinger
  • india3 - sportage
This VR platform is not compatible with Internet Explorer browser. Options might differ by regions.
All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.