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Prologue Home
Change the rules and
go beyond
Change the rules and go beyond img
The Grand Carnival takes you to a
place where superior design and truly
smart features combine with a deep
understanding of your practical driving
needs. It's a place where maximum
luxury goes hand in hand with a respect
for economy - a place where the
exceptional meets the everyday.
Dynamic driving in an exciting world
Dynamic driving in an exciting world img
Live the luxury of freedom
You yearn for the power to go anywhere,
to live life to the fullest and to explore
the limits of your potential.
The Grand Carnival will take you
there in outstanding comfort and style.
Dynamic driving in an exciting world img
Experience the pleasure
of driving
Experience the pleasure of driving img
Living life to the fullest is about
enjoying everything you do and that
includes driving. The Grand Carnival has
arrived to make driving a truly
satisfying part of how you fill each
day with pleasure.
Style that turns heads
Style that turns heads anywhere img
Style is all about delivering what is
expected and then going beyond.
It’s about leaving nothing to chance and
paying absolute attention to every last
detail and the finest craftsmanship.
But, of course, it's also about
arousing delight.
Introducing a new
definition of space
Introducing a new definition of space img
Clear White
  • Clear White rgb(217, 217, 215) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/01_clear_white(ud)/
  • Snow White Pearl rgb(222, 222, 220) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/02_snow_white_pearl(swp)/
  • Silky Silver rgb(188, 190, 189) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/03_silky_silver(4ss)/
  • Panthera Metal rgb(72, 70, 75) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/04_panthera_metal(p2m)/
  • Aurora Black Pearl rgb(42, 43, 45) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/05_aurora_black_pearl(abp)/
  • Marsala rgb(57, 47, 46) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/06_marsala(msl)/
  • Deep Chroma Blue rgb(26, 34, 57) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/07_deep_chroma_blue(d9b)/
  • Black Berry rgb(92, 19, 38) /worldwide/vehicles/carnival-2018/images/360vr/08_black_berry(bgd)/
Seating choices
Technology in the name
of comfort
Even bigger on the inside img
The Grand Carnival is rooted in the
understanding that technology must always
deliver the ultimate driving experience
by anticipating a driver’s needs.
Steering wheel remote controls
(Bluetooth hands- free, auto cruise control)
7" display audio system Supervision cluster
(7" color TFT LCD)
Wireless smartphone charger Even bigger on the inside detail img
A space for ultimate
First row ventilated and second row heated seats Dual sunroof Full auto air conditioning with
independent 3-zone control
Large center console Anti-pollution seat (YES Essentials®) Sound system Even bigger on the inside detail img
Absolute convenience
taken to new heights
Absolute convenience
Absolute convenience
Extending interior space
beyond expectation
Power and safety
in harmony
The science of staying safe img
Advanced high strength steel
Advanced high strength steel improves impact resistance, body rigidity and performance as weight is reduced and the collision structure is reinforced.
Airbag system
Airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as side curtain airbags help protect against injury in the event of a collision.
* The actual air bags in the vehicle may differ from the illustration.
Intelligent spatial
Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F) Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) Rear view camera Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW) intelligent img
Performance counts
wherever you are headed
Electronic Stability
Control (ESC)
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) img
Hill-start Assist
Control (HAC)
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) img
6-speed automatic
6-speed automatic transmission img
Personalize your ride
and arrive in style
If you’re the kind of driver who likes
your vehicle to reflect your personality,
the Grand Carnival SXL Package is for you.
Opt for sporty, stylish features like a
distinctive radiator grill, 19" alloy
wheels and chic wooden steering wheel.
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  • Carnival image 2
  • Carnival image 3
  • Carnival image 4
  • Carnival image 5
  • Carnival image 6
  • Carnival image 7
  • Carnival image 7
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