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Prologue A dream to make
a true gran turismo
A dream to make a true gran turismo photo 1
A dream to make a true gran turismo photo 2
What makes a true gran turismo?
This question was the foundation for a years-long journey that began when the GT concept was first unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
A dream to make  a true Gran Turismo photo 3
The GT concept was a dream for a brand
known for producing mass-market
transportation rooted in value.
A revolutionary GT design
A revolutionary GT design
The Stinger inherited the GT concept car’s
unique design essence and emerged as
“a concept car on the road.”
A revolutionary GT design
The story of the Stinger, the flawless
embodiment of Kia’s design
philosophy, has begun.
An obsession with
the details
Full LED headlamps Dark chrome finished outside mirrors An obsession with the details
Rear LED combination lamps & quad oval exhaust pipes Dark chrome finished trim & 19” alloy wheels 18” disc brakes with Brembo® red brake calipers An obsession with the details
All it takes is a single glance to realize that you're in the presence of something more than an attractive sedan.
Classic simplicity for
passionate drivers
Classic simplicity for passionate drivers
From the low-slung driver's seat
to intriguing details like the circular,
aircraft-inspired air vents,
Stinger’s cockpit design draws heavily
on classic sport sedans.
Previously unimagined
innovative colors
Snow White Pearl Silky Silver Ceramic Silver Panthera Metal Aurora Black Pearl Lake Stone Sunset Yellow Hi Chroma Red Micro Blue Deep Chroma Blue Previously unimagined<br />innovative colors
The colors of the Stinger,
and methods used to achieve these
colors can only be described as
avant-garde. Our goal for
the exterior surface colors was
for them to be youthful, but classic.
Deeply personal allure
  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Brown
The inviting Stinger interior reflects
the spirit of the gran turismo concept.
Rich, luxurious tones complement
the bold exterior colors.
Cabin Space
Where personal space
is paramount
Where personal space is paramount
Inside, the Stinger feels sporty,
substantial and uncluttered.
It's also spacious, particularly in the
rear, thanks to its long wheelbase.
Where personal space is paramount
Where personal space is paramount
The Stinger puts your life in motion
in countless new ways. Its five-door
fastback layout with 406 liters of cargo
capacity means there's plenty of
easily accessible space to bring along
everything you'll need, even for
a long road trip.
For the ultimate
driving experience
For the ultimate driving experience
For the ultimate driving experience
To be a true GT,
a GT must be able to reach top speeds
anywhere and in any circumstance.
And to achieve unlimited speed,
a car needs to be equipped with
superior capacity in terms of power,
drivability, safety, and durability.
For the ultimate driving experience
For the ultimate driving experience
From the Nurburgring circuits(Germany),
also known as the “Green Hell,”
to the arctic cold of Arjeplog(Sweden),
extreme testing proved that the
Stinger satisfies all.
Ingenuity that packs
a punch
8-speed automatic transmission
Lambda 3.3 T-GDI engine A twin turbocharger helps
this top-of-the-line V6 engine
achieve considerable torque over
a broad rpm range. The exhaust manifold
is integrated with the cylinder head for
added power, and an electronic
thermostat helps provide precise
temperature control.
Intelligent distribution of power
Rack-mounted motor driven power steering
Electronically-controlled suspension (ECS) 19-inch summer tires Intelligent distribution of power
Supportive but not
Supportive but not overbearing
Drivers can choose from
five drive modes, each with its
own coordinated combination of
dynamic characteristics.
There is even a Launch Control mode
that momentarily suspends ESC to
ensure rapid acceleration with minimal
wheel slip and maximum torque control.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Drive Mode Select (DMS) Electronic Stability Control (ESC) & Drive Mode Select (DMS)
Fluidity in motion
Front-bumper-integrated air curtain Rear integrated diffuser Lipped trunk lid edge Multiple aerodynamic underbody covers Fluidity in motion
The Stinger is shaped to minimize
fuel-consuming drag and
maximize stability and control.
At the same time,
its structure, contours and
interior treatments are engineered
to isolate passengers from noise
and vibrations.
Intuitive problem-solving
The Stinger offers many DRIVE WiSE technologies, Kia's ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), that use advanced sensor and processing technology to help make driving as safe and convenient as possible.
Driving Assist Systems
Driving Assist Systems
Driving assist systems
Parking Assist Systems
Parking Assist Systems
360˚ | VR
360˚ Exterior
Snow White Pearl
  • Snow White Pearl rgb(238, 237, 238) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/01_SWP/
  • Silky Silver rgb(186, 186, 186) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/02_4SS/
  • Ceramic Silver rgb(141, 141, 133) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/03_C4S/
  • Panthera Metal rgb(72, 69, 71) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/04_P2M/
  • Aurora Black Pearl rgb(38, 35, 36) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/05_ABP/
  • Lake Stone rgb(74, 85, 85) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/06_L5S/
  • Sunset Yellow rgb(227, 169, 1) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/07_S7Y/
  • Hi Chroma Red rgb(154, 13, 13) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/08_H4R/
  • Micro Blue rgb(14, 41, 117) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/09_M6B/
  • Deep Chroma Blue rgb(37, 38, 66) /worldwide/vehicles/stinger/images/360vr/10_D9B/
360˚ Driving
360˚ Driving
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